NorthConnex is committed to delivering a lasting legacy and contributing to local communities. We are providing opportunities for collaboration on learning based activities with primary and secondary schools as well as tertiary education institutions. We have a number of initiatives aimed at encouraging student interest and learning in engineering, design, environment, safety, community and science. 

Roadheader naming

Roadheaders are excavation equipment used to remove the hard rock from the tunnel alignment. These large machines include a cutting head with large 'teeth' used to grind and break the rock. The roadheader has a big 'dustpan' at the front which collects the cut rock and transports it to the back of the roadheader on a conveyor belt, which tips the soil into a dump truck. 

Thornleigh West Public School celebrated the naming of the last roadheader to be delivered to the Northern Interchange compound. They named the Mitsui Miike roadheader Petra, which means 'rock' in Greek. 

Pennant Hills Public School named a 100 tonne roadheader at the Southern Interchange compound Meehan Demon, combining the surname of James Meehan, who helped forge Pennant Hills Road, and the name of the mascot of the Pennant Hills AFL Club. 

Environment learning modules

NorthConnex has developed a suite of learning resources and can deliver a program to schools interested in learning more about the natural environment. The program includes learning about the importance of hollow bearing trees for wildlife, weeds and sustainable practices. 

To find out how your school can get involved contact 
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