Operation in the North

Above ground facilities

The Northern Interchange includes buildings needed to operate NorthConnex. The community was able to participate in the design of these buildings during a consultation process for the Urban Design and Landscape Plan. The permanent buildings in this area include:

Northern Ventilation Facility

The ventilation outlet will be located on the northbound exit onto the M1 Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga. During operation, the ventilation system will draw fresh air into the tunnel and emit air via the ventilation outlet. Air quality modelling predicts the ventilation outlet will have a negligible impact on local air quality. You can read more about air quality and NorthConnex here.

A fact sheet is available.

In the tunnel

You can read more about the underground operational systems of the tunnel here.

Getting in and out of the tunnel

The on and off ramps in this area are:

  • A southbound on ramp for motorists entering NorthConnex from the M1 Pacific Motorway
  • A northbound off ramp for motorists exiting onto the M1 Pacific Motorway
  • An on ramp at Pearces Corner for motorists travelling south
  • An off ramp at Pearces Corner for motorists not travelling to the M1 Pacific Motorway.
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