The motorway control centre will include a tunnel control room, training and incident response room, workshop space, emergency vehicle depot, garage and parking facilities. This is necessary to monitor, maintain and control tunnel services including safety, ventilation, power, lighting and other road systems required for safe and efficient tunnel operation. The centre will be staffed by around 30 personnel. 

The ventilation outlet will be located on the north-western corner of the current Hills M2 Motorway/Pennant Hills Road interchange.

During operation, the ventilation system will draw fresh air into the tunnel and emit air via the ventilation outlet. The air quality modelling predicts emissions from the ventilation outlet will have a negligible impact on local air quality.

The improvement in air quality along Pennant Hills Road when the tunnel opens in 2020 is up to 20 per cent (for annual average of PM concentrations). 

To ensure air quality is maintained, NorthConnex will have a management plan which involves 24 hour a day monitoring of tunnel air quality and compliance with independent guidelines for in-tunnel air quality. Air quality results will be made publicly available. Air quality in the vicinity of the project will be monitored 12 months before the tunnel is operational and 24 months after the tunnel is operational.

For more information read the ventilation and air quality fact sheet.
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